Friday, June 14, 2013

The Laws and the Lawyers

In a society of people, whether in modern cities and areas or in a small tribe of people, different kinds of laws are being formulated by the law makers or the legislators or by any authorized person in any system of government. It doesn't matter what form government one country has, the only thing common in all kinds of the system of government is that laws are being established. Even tribes and groups of people living in forests and are a quite distant from modern civilization have their own laws being established. Even if one can turn back the time and visit the ancient civilization and compare it from the present day system, one can say that the purpose of these laws is just the same.

These laws are enforced to any person under the jurisdiction of the government. These laws served as the basis for any person, whether a law enforcer or just an ordinary citizen, to determine whether or not any violation or disturbance has been made by anybody. There are laws, which are only directed to a specified group of people in the society while there are some, which exempt one from another law or set of laws. The laws being established are not always considered perfect that is, why whenever there are some issues, which have to be resolved concerning the current laws, the legislators made some consultations and made some thorough reviews on the specifications of that particular law. Unfortunately, in spite of these established laws, sometimes these are not enough for police the people's misbehavior or mistakes.

Most people who pursue in studying law often go through a lot of efforts in studying due to its scope. It is not easy for one to be able to be familiarized with all the existing laws that even professionals like judges and attorneys even needs a lot of time to study and review the cases they are handling. There are some laws, which are being revised from time to time, while there are some, which are no longer considered as a law. It is because of these modifications that a person with a career in law is still continuously studying.

People who choose to pursue in studying

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law usually choose to become a lawyer. Lawyers are paid not only with their presence in court trials but one of the responsibilities of a lawyer is being an adviser. Lawyers advise their clients in the actions they need to do and most of the times, the first thing a lawyer does is to try and settle their clients' legal conflicts by settling it without having a court trial. They may be called as mediators. Mediators convene with the parties involved and will listen to the problem at hand, discuss possible options in order for the people involved to help them come up with an agreement. Once it cannot be settled outside the court, then a court trial may commence and the lawyers are the ones who will stand in court to represent their client and defend them by all possible means to win the legal battle. Lawyers who already had a lot of experiences in both handling and winning of legal cases may be appointed or designated to serve as judges. They preside in courtrooms during trials. In places where a jury system is being adapted, the judges preside over on points of law and inform the members of the jury about certain laws that direct the case. If there are no members of the jury in a trial, the judge will decide the facts, administrates proposals, resolves any argument during the court trial and issues the judgment.

A lot of people may think that lawyers are needed only during court trials but most judges encourage the lawyers to settle their clients' problem without having a court trial. Court trials only occur once the conflict will not be settled outside the court. A lot of people may not always understand the explanations behind these laws, but just like any other transaction, laws also undergo certain processes. People may sometimes get impatient with the processes in any court trial but one should understand that like just like anybody who is about to take an examination, through study and reviews are needed in order to come up with a justifiable judgment.

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